WHITE Paper Games

White Paper Games is a small independent studio with a team of 6 based in the Manchester, England

White Paper Games was formed in the summer of 2011. Each member of the team worked from home for the first year and a half of development, working part-time jobs in the process. Once they were happy with a prototype of the game, they applied for a funding grant from Abertay University. This helped them get a studio space together to develop the ideas they had for Ether One. The grant was enough for 6 months of development time. Around the same time, their game play trailer landed successfully on Reddit, gaining them over 350,000 YouTube views and frontpage exposure at the same time as being part of the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed. This helped them build a community of fans through Steam Greenlight and Twitter, who seemed really excited and intrigued to play Ether One. The feedback for the game was great and along with support from the Oculus Rift, they felt like they could push Ether One even further.

After the media had settled down they went back to work, redesigning and iterating on the elements that didn’t work to create a richer game experience. It took them another year to finish Ether One. Whatever the reception may be, they’re really proud of their accomplishments and they’re excited to see the reaction from our players.
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